Bananagrams Wild Tiles [並行輸入品] [00074417] - 3065円 : レディースロングパンツ, ボーイズ運動靴・スニーカー, アクション・スポーツトイ, レースアップシューズ, メンズスニーカー -

Bananagrams Wild Tiles [並行輸入品]


Bananagrams Wild Tiles [並行輸入品]


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Much like Classic Bananagrams. the goal of the game is to race your opponent(s) in order to create a crossword-style word grid. using all your letters before anyone else. Intersect and rearrange your words until you've used all your letters. but don't go bananas. in this version. you get 6 wild tiles to use as you need!
1-8 Players
Includes 6 Special Wild Tiles to Use for Any Letter
Ages 7
Tiles Stored in a Themed Banana Pouch